Dental & Vision Insurance

Encourage your student to enroll in dental and vision insurance.

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Please check with your individual school on any questions or inquiries on insurance subsidies that they provide.​

​Dental and Vision benefits are available only to those students on the student health insurance plan. 

Dental and Vision Enrollment Deadline is September 5, 2018

There are limited dental benefits on the medical policy. Please consider purchasing dental insurance if dental benefits are important to you. Dental insurance is available at an additional cost and information concerning costs and coverage is available on this page.

Vision insurance is available at an additional cost. Please see the summary information concerning costs and coverage on this page.

You will need to contact UHC directly if you have questions concerning the dental or vision plan. Please call 866-346-4826. You will need to enroll in the dental and/or the vision plan via your My UHC account. Please carefully review instructions on how to create your My UHC account and make sure you use your Wash U email account or the system will not recognize you and your attempt to create the account will fail.​

Vision Premiums-2019-20

Once Child$167.64
Two or More Children$167.64
​Spouse and Two or More Children​$291.36

Dental Premiums-2019-20

One Child$500.68
Two or More Children$500.68
​Spouse and Two or More Children​$974.64