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10 Tips for Young Professionals to Stay Productive this Summer

Whether your student is studying abroad this summer, working at a summer internship, or still unsure of what may come, they can still be improving professionally in order to be a competitive applicant for their next summer position or post-graduate job. Summer is the best time to step back from academic work and focus wholeheartedly on a career path where they can find a passion to pursue.

This summer, the Career Center’s Facebook page will be featuring tips with elaborative suggestions and articles to help students create a strong professional portfolio, step by step. Here’s a sneak peek into what we’ll be going over this summer.

  1. Updating your resume.
  2. Updating your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Practicing writing cover letters.
  4. Researching companies of interest.
  5. Building a list of target companies where you’d like to work.
  6. Identifying alumni and other connections to each company.
  7. Conducting informational interviews.
  8. Volunteering at a local organization or shadow someone in a profession that interests you.
  9. Conducting an individual project.
    • This is especially great if your student is not doing an internship this summer.
    • Have them pursue and develop their passions so that it’s relevant to their career aspirations
    • This is a great example of initiative, talent, and work.
  10. Sign up for Career Camp (Aug. 23) – an event helping students cultivate their professional interests and pursue them.

All of this can be done easily, especially with the help of our Career Center, which is still open all summer! Your student should never hesitate to call (314-935-5930), email, or Skype to get any career advice they need – whether it’s updating their resume, or looking for new opportunities.