Messages from the University

Encourage your student to register for TimelyCare!

Dear Parents and Families,

As we prepare for the spring semester at Washington University, I want to acknowledge that our two-week remote start is not how any of us anticipated beginning the semester.

We know adjusting to changing operations is not always easy, and I continue to care and think about your student’s well-being.

I am writing today because I want to introduce you, our families, to a service that is available to your student called TimelyCare. TimelyCare is the leading telehealth company specializing in higher education. Washington University partnered with TimelyCare in late 2021 as part of our ongoing efforts to prioritize the health and well-being of our campus community. Our partnership allows us to support students in all states and during all hours of the day. This is because your student’s health and well-being is important to us at all times.

TimelyCare has licensed physicians and counselors available 24/7 to provide a range of services, including:

  • On-demand medical care
  • Appointment-based medical care
  • On-demand mental health support
  • Appointment-based mental health counseling
  • Psychiatric support (with Habif referral)
  • Health coaching

TimelyCare also offers guided meditations, appointments with certified health coaches, and more. TimelyCare is free for all students who pay the student health and wellness fee, which includes the majority of students at Washington University.

Please encourage your student to download the TimelyCare app and register for an account here. The app is easy to navigate and allows students to review services and learn more.

Thank you for encouraging your student to download and register for TimelyCare. All of us at Washington University look forward to seeing your student back on campus soon.

Warm Regards,

Anna “Dr. G” Gonzalez
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs