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Learn about the Student Health Center on Campus

Habif Health & Wellness (also known as Student Health Services) supports the academic mission of Washington University by providing the student community with premiere, student-centered health and health promotion services. 


SHS offers general medical care, comprehensive women’s health care, laboratory, x-ray, a pharmacy, allergy/immunization, and travel clinic, nutrition, counseling and psychiatric services, health education and wellness programs, and sexual assault and violence prevention services.

Privacy Policy

SHS adheres strictly to the Federal Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This federal law mandates the confidentiality of medical information and records for students over 18 years of age. Your student must give us written authorization for us to discuss any matter regarding your student’s wellbeing with you. We cannot accept blanket medical release authorization. This must be event and time specific. There is a release of medical information form under “Forms” on this website. This form must be completed by the student. The student must present the form to us in person or make other arrangements with our staff for delivery of the form. In the event your student is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, SHS is able to notify you and will make every effort to do so.

Breaking this confidentiality requirement and releasing information to parents without student permission is breaking the law. We take this very seriously. We also believe the confidentiality is an important step for young adults to begin taking responsibility for their own health care.


Our services do require appointments. These appointments may be made on-line, using the student portal, or the student may call the main number, 314-935-6666, option 0, to schedule an appointment. We do offer walk in appointments in the medicine area for students who have urgent issues.

Health Promotion and Wellness (314-935-6666, option 6) and Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention and Prevention (314-935-6666, option 5) does accept walk in services, but some appointments may be required.

After Hours Care

Student Health Services has a team of nurses who will answer student calls when SHS is not open. Students may speak with a nurse after business hours by calling 314-935-6666, option 1. A nurse will help answer any medical or mental health related question and guide the student to the appropriate method or place of treatment.

In the event a student has a life-threatening emergency, the student should call Campus Police (if on campus) at 314-935-5555 or 911 if off campus. After hours care is provided by an area hospital off campus. These services are billed to the student.

Area Hospital

Washington University in St. Louis has a large physician network, Washington University Physicians. They work primarily through Barnes- Jewish Hospital. SHS has integrated services with this group of physicians and Barnes Jewish Hospital systems. It allows for seamless and continuous care for your student.

911 services, Campus Police, and members of residential life offices are able to help assist students to the hospital when necessary. There are shuttles and Metro ride services available for students to this hospital if it is not an emergency.

You may reach Barnes- Jewish Hospital by calling 314-747-3000.

Medical History

ACTION REQUIRED.  All students must provide proof of immunizations and health history information prior to moving into campus housing. Failure to take this action will prevent the student from having access to their dorm during move-in. Also, review the mandatory health insurance requirements and deadline information.

All students are required to fill out a medical history form. They can do this by using the student portal on this website. They are required to fill out a brief family history and to provide related health and current prescription medication information. There is also an immunization section that allows the student to communicate with us the dates of their immunizations to ensure compliance with all immunization requirements of the University.


It is very important for students to come prepared with any medications they are currently taking. Starting college is a fun but stressful event for many students. It is viewed by students as beginning something new and many times they feel this is a fresh start and want to change old ways. It is not a good time for them to try something new with their prescriptions. Please encourage them to continue taking any prescription medications, and once they are settled, come into SHS to discuss possible changes with a provider.

SHS has a full service pharmacy. There is a form on this website under “forms” that allows you to transfer prescriptions to our pharmacy in order to provide a convenient way for your student to get their medications.

Medical Excuse for Class

Student Health Services does not provide written notes for missed classes, examinations, extracurricular activities, or employment. Whenever possible, students should schedule visits to SHS so that there is no conflict with class/work obligation. Students may provide their walk out statement as proof or verification of a visit to student health. In the event of an extended illness or injury, providers may provide the necessary documentation.

SHS will notify the appropriate Dean’s office of any admission to the hospital that we are aware of; however, we will not provide any details about the nature of the admission. We will only make the notification with the student’s permission.


All full-time, degree seeking students are assessed a student health fee. This fee allows SHS to provide comprehensive medical services on campus at an affordable cost. It also includes a health insurance product. Please view the information about the health insurance plan on this website. All students will have this plan in addition to any other form of health insurance you may have.

Students are required to have referrals to community providers while they are in the St. Louis area. Students should first seek treatment at SHS.

Find out more about opting into or waiving the Student Health Plan.

Suggested Medical Items for Your Student’s Room

Fever/Pain relief
Upset stomach relief
Antibiotic Ointment
Cold pack
Cough/Cold/Allergy relief 
Current Prescriptions
Insurance cards for any insurance you have other than the student health insurance plan.

Habif Health & Wellness Center

Danforth Campus

  • Mailing Address: 6643 Shepley Drive
    6643 Shepley Drive
    St. Louis, MO 63130
  • Phone: 314-935-6666

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8 am – 6 pm
Wednesday 10 am – 6 pm
Friday 8 am – 5 pm
Saturdays 9 am – 1pm for walk-in care only

*Please note that our hours change during Summer break, Winter break, Spring break, holidays, etc.

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