Health Insurance Waiver Process

Waive out of the student health insurance plan.

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Deadline to waive out of student health plan is 9/5/2019

The waiver link in WebSTAC for the Spring 2019 waiver is available after November 26, 2018 through February  12, 2019 for new students entering the Spring Semester at WashU and may be used once the student has received their WUSTL Key.

Please note that you have two attempts to waive out of the student health insurance. If you are denied after two attempts, and are locked out of the system, please email for further assistance if your insurance meets our criteria.

All full-time, degree seeking students on the Danforth Campus are required to have health insurance.

Washington University in St. Louis offers a comprehensive student health insurance plan that is robust, cost-effective, Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant plan through United Healthcare Student Resources.

The Student Health Insurance Premium is added to all eligible students’ accounting statement in the fall of each year. Eligible students are considered full time, degree seeking students in a day program on the Danforth Campus. This year the premium is $1,778 for the entire year. Coverage begins 8/1/2018 and ends 7/31/2019. Eligible students must pay the premium or complete the online waiver process prior to the deadline. After completion of the online waiver process, the waiver will be verified and approved, after which, the premium will be removed from the student’s accounting statement.

Students on an F-1 or J-1 visa are not allowed to waive out of the plan unless they are on a US based employer plan through a US based insurance company.

A completed, verified and approved waiver is required yearly if you do not wish to participate in the university’s insurance plan. September 5, 2018 is the deadline for completion of the waiver process. This is a hard deadline and no exceptions will be made.

Partial Year Students

Students on exchange programs only at Wash U for one semester will be charged for one semester only.

Students intending to graduate in December will receive notification from SHS once they file an intent to graduate outlining their options for continuation of coverage. Students not wishing to continue coverage after the first semester will be provided a refund for the second semester of coverage at that time.

When will my health insurance charge be reimbursed?

Once your waiver is approved a credit will be applied to the student account in 1-3 business days.  Students may view this credit on WebSTAC under Billing – Account Inquiry.  Parents may view this credit on the parent portal under Your Account – Click here to view transactions since your last bill.  Please note the existing bills will not change.  The bills are a PDF of your account as of the last business day of each month.  On your next bill that will generate at the end of the month you will see your credit for the student health insurance fee.

Questions about your waiver?

Please be sure to include your six digit Student ID when submitting any questions about the waiver process via email.​​​​​​​​​

See our WUSTL Insurance Waiver Process (PDF) document for additional information on how to waive out of the student insurance plan. 

Insurance waiver option

In order to waive out​ of the Wash U Student Health Insurance plan, your current coverage must meet the minimum criteria below.

 For those students entering the university for the Spring 2019 semester the waiver process MUST be completed between November 26, 2018 and February  12, 2019.

  1. Unlimited Coverage
  2. An individual deductible of $3,000 per person or less (If you have a family deductible, and not an individual deductible, then divide the family deductible amount by the number of people on the plan. If the divided amount is $3,000 per person or less, then answer yes)​
  3. Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis an in-network provider
  4. Is current coverage  Medicare or Medicaid? (If yes, you are not eligible for the waiver)
  5. Plan provides coverage for all medically necessary care while in St. Louis.
  6. Plan may not provide only emergency or urgent care
  7. Plan must cover care for inpatient and outpatient medical, mental health and chemical dependency services
  8. Plan must provide a prescription drug benefit
  9. Plan must provide preventive care covered in-network with no cost to you

For questions concerning insurance benefits, enrollment, deductibles, claims, etc, contact UHC Customer Service at 866-346-4826